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Many bittersweet feelings as we enter the final Book and final Week of My Antonia

"Cuzak's Boys" is the final "Book" in My Antonia. Its a short and full of emotion. I found tears streaming down my face as I read the moment of reunion between Jim and Antonia. This as I stood with the early morning street people on the corner in St. Johns where one of the public monitors is situated. I diligently advance the file each day at this location (The Working Library) and so the Slow Read has become more than a ritual of reading, but a ritual of biking through the neighborhoods to St. Johns, and then hanging at my new favorite coffee shop, St. Johns Roaster, where the workers have learned my name and my coffee preference. I'll miss all of these things when this project ends on the 11th.

And fortunately/unfortunately I will be in Shanghai for the final week, giving a talk at the opening of Lu Jingren's 40-year retrospective. My first trip to China!

AND I just heard from the Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha which informed me that they have had a monitor set up in their Criss Library since June, just forgot to mention this. So the above image was sent by Todd Richardson, who is the angel who put together this site. Thank you, Todd and UN-O.


The Slow Read at Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha / Criss Library

The Slow Read at Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha / Criss Library