About The Slow Read

General information and acknowledgements related to Barbara Tetenbaum’s presentation of Willa Cather’s novel My Ántonia.


Barbara Tetenbaum
The Slow Read

The Slow Read is a public literary and fine art project conceived and produced by Barbara Tetenbaum honoring the centenary of the publication of Willa Cather’s novel My Ántonia.

If you'd like to host this project in your own community, download the project brochure here. For further information and resources, contact Barbara Tetenbaum at hello@slowread.org.

This project exists thanks to the support from donors, volunteers, and site hosts who have brought their enthusiasm and resources to this project. If you would like to be part of this project, please donate here.

This project was supported by an Opportunity Grant from the Oregon Arts Commission, a state agency funded by the State of Oregon and the National Endowment for the Arts with additional funding by the Oregon Community Foundation, an Artistic Focus Project Grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and by a grant from The Willa Cather Collaborative (Willa Cather Foundation and Cather Archive at Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln).


Thank you to the granting organizations: Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Community Foundation, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Willa Cather Foundation, Willa Cather Archive at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


Thank you to the Slow Read support team: 

Rebecca Gilbert project manager 

Adam McIsaac graphic design and production support

Andrew Jewell scanning of first edition pages

Ashley Olson project vision assistance

Lynn Tetenbaum writing and general support

Amy Lund social media consultant and general support

Marilyn Zornado digital media help and general support

Alan Garren/Waltzing Bear Studio sound recording 

Kathy Kuehn writing assistant

LK James intern

Reagan Ward intern


Thank you to the site hosts: 

The Art Center (Hester Coucke)

Willa Cather Foundation (Ashley Olson)

Jaffrey Public Library (Julie Perrin)

Love Library at UN-L (Andrew Jewell)

Constellation Studios (Karen Kunc)

OCAC Library (Elsa Loftis)

PNCA Library (Serenity Ibsen)

PICA (Kristan Kennedy)

Working Library (c:3 Inititative)

Union College (Mark Robison)


Thank you to these individual donors: 

Justin Auld

Ruth Bardenstein

Mira Bartok

Tara Bryan–Walking Bird Press

Julie Chen

Margaret Davis

Christine and Martin Dowling

Poppy Dully

Debbie Kanner Ebner

Maria Fredericks

Rebecca N. Gilbert

Linda Handelsman

Keiko Hara

Sharon Hildebrand

Amelia Hope

Rick Johnson

Ellen Knudson

Press of the Palace of the Governors (Tom Leech)

Martha Little

Robbie Martine-McEvoy

Joyce E. Miller

Julia Miller and John Allison

Jo-Jo Tabayoyong Murphy

Nancy Pike

Peri Prestopino

Adam McIsaac

Marianne Reynolds

Pati Scobey & Tim Moore

Lauren Sheehan

Kiff Slemmons

Bernie Smith

Linda K. Smith and Jim Cohee 

Ruth Smith

Teri Donovan Springer

Deb Stoner

Lynn Tetenbaum & Steven Johnson

Marvin and Zelda Tetenbaum

Kate & Walter Tisdale

Edie Tsong

Karla M. Vandersypen

Carolina Veenstra

Reagan Ward

Candace Wilkinson

Janet M Williamson

Karen Wirth

Christine Wolf

Marilyn Zornado

and to all others who backed The Slow Read Kickstarter