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From some readers in Germany...

Hi Barb,

We really love your Cather project. Peter’s copy of "My Ántonia“ (although from 1926, the New Edition from Houghton Mifflin) has exactly the same layout as the first edition.  So it’s great to go to your website while holding the real book in hands and seeing that it’s the same typeface and makeup. Our daily schedule doesn’t allow to do this every day as Linda Smith does, but pretty often we are doing the same here in the "Old World“ and are sharing her feeling of being aware that there are other readers in the world.

And, as Cather writes on today’s page 155: „… that seemed to bring the Old World very close.“

With a kiss on your hand we say good by

Peter and Ines  

p.s. find attached a proof about Peter’s copy, showing today’s pages 154-155:

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