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Feedback from a reader

This came from Linda Smith, who gave me permission to post this on this website blog:

I have been a long-time Cather enthusiast since I began reading her about 20 years ago, and My Antonia has always been one of my favorites. I've followed along with your My Antonia project from its inception a number of years ago, after learning about it at one of your presentations at a College Book Art Association conference. Making the project participatory and public facing seems an inspired next step in your process. And as you've already noted, so many of the themes are still so relevant today.


I am loving the ritual of reading along each morning, knowing that there are others in the world doing the same. It's a wonderful way to begin the day. There's always a sense of anticipation about what the next day will bring, as readings often stop mid-sentence. I could, of course, go to my print edition of My Antonia to solve daily mysteries about what's next, but I don't want to "spoil" the daily, community ritual of reading the assigned pages, so I wait patiently for the next day's revelations. I find that I am falling in love all over again with My Antonia. Thank you, thank you for this project.